Mother wins a golden iPhone with gold purchase

3 min readAug 2, 2022

Young mother Jaanika, who was the winner of the campaign organised by Aufort, was very happy about winning the new iPhone Pro 12 — especially since the purchase of a new phone was already on the agenda.

Jaanika is a mother of two children who lives with her family in the summer capital Pärnu. In the interview below you can read about her journey to Aufort and what is her relationship with investing so far.

Aufort’s CEO Bert-Ken Raudberg handing over the prize to the happy winner Jaanika

What is your relationship with investing and particularly investing in gold?
Like many people to this day, I once thought very foolishly that investing was only for the very rich. However, this is not the case.
Yes, saving is good, but investing is even better, because it is well known that money loses its value over time, but by investing you can make it grow instead.
Previously, I had only invested in gold in the form of jewellery.

What investments do you already have?
Until now, I only had an investment account.

Why do you think that gold is a good investment?
You can earn quite well with shares and funds, but you must remember that the risks are also higher. There is no one and only best investment solution, but each person has to find the best one for themselves. Since the value of gold has only increased over the years and I don’t see the price going down there, it seems to me one of the surest and most stable choices.

Is collecting gold for your children already on your agenda?
Yes, I have two sons and my husband, and I are definitely discussing whether to start collecting gold for them as well.

How did you find Aufort and why did you decide to invest in gold?
Since I had been keeping an eye on investment topics for some time, I noticed that Aufort was being promoted more and more on social media. So, I started reading more about it and soon realized it was something for me.

What do you like most about Aufort?
AufortGold is physical investment gold held for me in a very secure vault and it is all 100% insured. It is also possible to monitor its amount on the account and in the vault, as well as the transactions being made, in real time. The fact that I can make all transactions incredibly quickly and digitally makes it even more sympathetic. Besides, I can withdraw gold from 1 gram whenever, either in cash or as a gold plate. In addition, there are no entry and exit costs that many funds have.

Why do you recommend Aufort and gold to others?
I recommend it, and precisely because it is suitable for absolutely everyone, regardless of gender and age, whether you are a beginner or already an experienced investor. Come and invest too, because you have nothing to lose, if only to win, as it happened in my case.

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