How to save gold for a child in 3 easy steps

2 min readJan 20, 2023

Children are growing up fast and will soon start living independently. That new stage of life requires money — to pay for studies, housing and other expenses. Most parents save their children’s money in a bank account, but due to inflation, the value of the accumulated savings decreases over time. The same thing happens when you keep your savings in cash.

What would be an alternative to cash and a bank account? Gold.
Gold is the safest way to store your child’s savings. Invest your child’s money in gold, to ensure your savings won’t lose its value and in years from now, the child will receive an amount that will really help.

In Aufort, a gold account can also be opened for a minor child. However, according to Aufort’s terms of use, the recipient (buyer) and payer of the invoice must be the same person, i.e. if you buy gold on behalf of a child, the payment must be received from the child’s bank account.

If your child does not have a bank account, here are 3 simple steps to start saving gold for your child:

  1. Open a gold account for your child
    To do this, go to and enter the details of your child.
  2. Buy gold on your own gold account
    Log in to your account on the Aufort website and purchase the desired amount of AufortGold (gold can be purchased from 0.5g).
  3. Send gold from your account to your child’s account
    In the ‘My account’ view on the home page, select the very last button from the right column — ‘Send’ and follow further instructions.

Secure your child’s future — start saving in gold today, and your child will thank you later!

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