Aufort makes investing in gold safe and affordable

2 min readJan 10, 2023

Ecommerce Europe has issued Aufort the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark that stimulates cross-border e-commerce through better protection for consumers and merchants by establishing one European set of rules. The Ecommerce Europe Trustmark proves that the security of our service is recognized at the European level. There are already more than 10,000 secure online shops with national trustmark in Europe.

Aufort is the first webshop based tokenized gold platform in Europe (and also in the world), to whom such a trustmark has been issued.

Safe storage of gold

The gold on your gold account is investment gold backed by 100% physical gold and stored in a secure and audited vault in Austria. Since gold is a physical asset that needs to be stored as well as insured, certain costs are also involved. Storing gold in a gold account costs 0.02% of the world gold market value, or at least 2 euros worth of gold per month.

What does the storage fee include?

The storage fee includes storage of the physical gold bars in a secure vault, auditing and insurance. In addition, it also includes blockchain gas fees associated with sending, gifting, and donating gold. In case of interest, you can read more about it here.

How to pay the storage fee?

The storage fee is paid in gold and is automated — you don’t have to do anything. On the first day of each month, 0.02% or min. 2 euros worth of gold is taken from your gold account, which is automatically sent to the Aufort gold account. As of January 1st, you will be able to see storage fee transactions as a logged in user under “My orders” and “AufortGold transactions”. Storage fee notifications will not be sent to email.

There are many companies out there that offer a safe deposit box service but the prices start from 15 €/month. In addition, in the case of physical storage of precious metals, the products must be taken to the safe deposit box, and in the event of their sellback, they must be picked up and taken to the buyer of the gold. This whole process is time-consuming and costs money.

Two of the largest international sellers of precious metals in the US charge at least $4–10 per month for gold storage.

In summary, we can say that Aufort’s service is simple, affordable and secure compared to other similar service providers.